Ready for the bell to ring…

Roberto - 6 January 2022

If we make a little effort to recover from a more (as for those who write to you) or less distant past that feeling we have experienced numerous times a moment before the bell rings on the first day of a new school year , we will probably find ourselves in the feeling of these […]

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KiRun Club House – December 31 Special Valencia

Roberto - 31 December 2021

A special episode in which, with the help of Leticia Colomer of Visit Valencia, we recount the 2022 that awaits Spain’s third largest city. Over the years Valencia has built a tourist attractiveness that is recognized and appreciated worldwide, enhancing its strengths and continuously renewing its offerings. The year 2022 also promises to be a […]

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Optional Excursions in Valencia

Roberto - 23 March 2021

We have gathered a selection of optional excursions for your stay during the Valencia Marathon Classic City Tour: 15€ A bus tour to discover the city’s main attractions. Group tour with Italian-speaking guide Family Tour of Valencia: 35€ Discover the city of Valencia with this walking tour Learn about the city’s history with fun activities […]

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