From first runs to running consistency: the value of a structured training method

When deciding to turn sporadic running into a regular running endeavor, establishing a structured training method becomes essential. In this article, we will explore how a systematic approach can not only improve performance but also ensure steady progress without the goal of competition.

1. Set a goal
Starting a journey in running starts with setting a goal. Whether you are starting from scratch or want to improve your runs, setting a personal goal is crucial. This could range from completing a certain distance, improving your time, or simply increasing the frequency of your running sessions. The important thing is to choose a realistic and measurable goal that can serve as a driving force and guide in your journey.

2. Plan management.
After defining the goal, the next step is to create a sustainable training plan. This should include variety in the types of training, such as long runs, variations and repeats, and hilly trails, ensuring that each session contributes to your ultimate goal without causing undue stress. The key is to maintain a balance that allows you to both enjoy the successes and manage the not-so-successful moments, always with your eyes fixed on continuous improvement.

3. Building a foundation.
A good training method is based on a solid foundation. This means building not only physical skills but also mental ones. The physical foundation includes progressively increasing endurance and strength, while the mental foundation is about the ability to stay motivated and manage fatigue. Proper preparation in these areas is vital to the effectiveness of targeted training sessions.

4. Professional support.
Although many runners start out on their own, the support of a coach or running group can make a big difference. An expert can offer personalized advice, help you avoid common mistakes, and keep your motivation high. By signing up for our program, you can follow workouts prepared for you by our Coach Paolo Vialardi, or consider joining a local running club or contacting a personal coach who specializes in running.

5. Continuity and regularity
Perhaps the most critical element of running success is consistency. Regularity in following your training plan ensures that each step gets you closer to your goal. Make your running sessions an integral part of your weekly routine and watch as continuous improvement becomes an added motivator.

By implementing these five key principles, every runner can develop an approach to running that not only increases performance, but makes the whole process more enjoyable and less prone to injury. With the right mix of goals, management, building, support, and continuity, your running journey will be full of satisfaction and results.


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