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Smartwatch: essential accessory during workouts

Practicing running, an accessory that surely cannot be missed is the smartwatch. Not only does this allow you to view, without the need to access your smartphone, all the notifications in the middle of a workout, but it offers a myriad of features that are very useful for sports and, in our case, for running. Of smartwatches in general, there are so many different types and shapes. These, along with the specific functions of each model, determine the most suitable scope of use for the particular product. Optimizing the functions for use in running, several models designed today are intended to accompany runners during training. When deciding to purchase a smartwatch designed for running, in order to be able to use the product to its full potential, it is necessary to know well the peculiarities to be considered. Sometimes this is not an easy task given the vast number of models on the market today. Therefore, let’s see in detail what parameters should be paid more attention to.

Smartwatches for running: how to choose the best one

A key aspect to consider in a smartwatch for running is the quality of the display: the activity is practiced outdoors, so it is essential that there is good brightness, especially in sunlight. As for the dimensions, these should not be bulky, but neither should they be too small, as it is often necessary to have the ability to display as much information about a running session as possible. In fact, as we will see, the running smartwatch is equipped with multiple sensors, through which it is possible to keep track of numerous data related to activity. For this very reason, it is of paramount importance that you opt for a smartwatch equipped with the highest quality, sensitive and accurate sensors. Obviously, the greater the workload the object has to bear, the greater the battery consumption. Running smartwatches are equipped with such advanced technologies that battery life often suffers. Therefore, it is necessary to choose those models that are able to withstand between 10 and 48 hours of activity.

Functionality and uses of smartwatch for running

The features of the smartwatch are numerous. Not all models are the same, meaning that not all have the same functionality. Therefore, when purchasing, it is necessary to check whether the one of interest has all the necessary functions. For running, particularly useful are the following.

– The pedometer: thanks to a special sensor that can detect the body’s oscillations, the smartwatch records the number of steps taken during the workout. This will provide an opportunity to check the achievement of any pre-set daily goals.

– The heart rate meter: with the special sensor placed near the wrist, during the workout it will be possible to take note of the change in beats, thus having full control over your body.

– The brightness controller: as already mentioned, good brightness is necessary for outdoor activities. Even better if the device is equipped with a manual dimmer.

– GPS: In order to track routes, calculate distances, and know well where you are exercising, it is important that the device has a GPS tracker. However, it is the main culprit of power consumption, so it is advisable to optimize its use.

– The activity time tracker: the high-precision sensors of the running smartwatch can sense changes in physical intensity and thus record the duration time of training and other activities.

– Choosing the specific workout: the smartwatch can also be a kind of guide during the workout. In fact, by selecting the running activity, the software will automatically set up a plan and goals to achieve.

– The compass: workouts may take place in new and unfamiliar places. With the compass, it will be easy to regain orientation without undue stress.


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