Discovering the Biellese

The 2SR -A walkway through the Biella Alps.

On the first Saturday of June takes place one of the most anticipated events for running enthusiasts from all over Italy , the 2SR – Two Sanctuaries Running , which takes place along the road known as the Tracciolino . the Route of just under 20 km connects the Sanctuary of Graglia to the Sanctuary of Oropa , as on an ‘ideal scenic walkway of the Biellese Alps .
Running is one of the sports that best lends itself to the discovery Biellese territory , full of challenging routes on the many climbs and trails to discover . The 2SR is an ‘unmissable opportunity to discover this breathtaking balcony over the Biellese: challenging for passionate runners and fascinating for companions who will be able to discover one of the pearls of this territory not contaminated by mass tourism, thanks to the formulas and itineraries created around this event.

Note runner friends :the total elevation gain is about 500meters well distributed along the entire route, which is therefore very varied and lively

On the occasion of the 2 Santuari Run & Trail we have arranged optional excursions to explore the Biella terriory , with a series of group visits and individual activities in these places that will amaze you

Biella Piano and Piazzo: 35€/ children under 12 15€.

Saturday morning (9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. approx.) : 9:30 a.m. Meet with the tour guide in Biella, near the Zumaglini gardens or other place agreed in advance. The morning will be dedicated to the discovery of the historic center of what in the 19th century was called the “Manchester of Italy” and since 2019 has obtained the recognition of Unesco Creative City.After a walk along the main street we will reach the diocesan complex with the Baptistery and the Bell Tower from the Romanesque period and the Cathedral, completely frescoed in the Neo-Gothic period. We will be able to visit the interior of the baptismal building and admire the remains of the ancient cathedral, which preserve precious frescoes from the mid-15th century.
Thanks to an inclined elevator that replaces the 19th-century funicular railway, we will then arrive in the upper town, where you can still breathe the air of the ancient medieval Borgo del Piazzo, with its arcades, stores and historic palaces (Palazzo Gromo Losa, Palazzo La Marmora and Palazzo Ferrero venues of numerous art exhibitions throughout the year. A visit can be arranged, with admission fee, to e.g. Palazzo La Marmora, which houses splendid frescoed rooms and an interior garden that looks directly onto the lower town).
At the end, walking down one of the still cobbled medieval streets we can return to the pedestrian center and reach the public gardens.

NB: For those arriving on Friday in the early afternoon or for those who wish to stay in Biella on Saturday afternoon, it will be possible to visit, near the church of San Sebastiano, the Museo del Territorio, which allows us to discover the Biellese area through its collections of archaeological finds and the extensive historical-artistic section, which ranges from the Middle Ages to the present day. Alternatively, you can pay a visit to the Me/Bo – Menabrea Botalla Museum, which combines the Museum of Beer of Casa Menabrea with the space dedicated to Botalla Formaggi, another company of excellence in the area.

Sunday, June 6, 2021 (9:30 a.m./10 p.m.-5 p.m. approx.) Candelo – Excursion to Baraggia – Castellengo : €65/ children under 12 years old €35

9:30 a.m. Meeting with the tour and hiking guide at the Castle Square of Candelo, in front of the walls of the medieval Ricetto, one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy.Crossing the mighty gate tower we will be catapulted directly into the Middle Ages, discovering the centuries-old history of this fortified village, which is unique in Italy for its exceptional level of preservation. Along its cobbled streets still stand the stone and brick structures that had been built by Candelese families to protect their possessions in case of war; today some of these cells house artisan workshops while others have become museum sites and house the ecomuseum of viticulture, allowing visitors to discover the rural life of past centuries. A short distance from the Ricetto you will also be able to visit one of Candelo’s oldest houses of worship, the church of Santa Maria, which preserves valuable artistic works.
A short drive will then allow us to reach the plateau of the Baraggia Biellese Nature Reserve. Thanks to a one-and-a-half/two-hour hike on foot, we will be able to admire the peculiar geological and botanical features of this area, which, with its wide grasslands and moors, at certain times of the year turns into an African savannah! On clear days, you can also admire the wonderful panorama of the Alpine arc, from the Monte Rosa massif to the main peaks of Biella.

NB: The walk to the Ricetto di Candelo takes place mainly on cobblestones, closed, low shoes with a good sole are necessary.

The trail in Baraggia is on dirt terrain, mostly flat or with minimal elevation changes, light hiking shoes, a small bottle of water, hat and sunscreen, mosquito spray are required. Around lunchtime we will move to Castellengo Castle, where we will have a tasting of some typical products, also sipping some of the wines produced by the Centovigne farm. In the early afternoon we will visit the winery’s cellars and the historic rooms of the castle, which stands perched on a hill overlooking the surrounding plain. A few steps away from the castle, at the former elementary school, we will discover the collections of the Cossatese and Baragge Ecomuseum dedicated to various agricultural practices, silviculture and small crafts to better understand the rural civilization of this area of the Biella region. Finally, we will end the afternoon by visiting the church of SS. Peter and Paul, of Romanesque origin. The building preserves a splendid cycle of frescoes in late Gothic style by Daniele De Bosis and workshop inside.

Saturday night dinner with typical dishes +35€.
Antipasti alla Piemontese , first course, second course, dessert


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